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What is MAPSA?

MAPSA’s Mission:
To improve educational outcomes for Michigan’s children by advancing quality education through choice and innovation.
Our Aspirational Goals:
We will work with Michigan’s community of chartered public schools to challenge the status quo and raise expectations for quality education. At MAPSA, we aspire to work with others on efforts to lead high quality education for every child in our state. We envision a future in which:
  • Every child is enrolled in a quality school.
  • All students are proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade. 
  • All students demonstrate the work ethic and motivation to learn and to challenge themselves as necessary for success in school and in life.
  • All students are prepared for success in higher education and/or meaningful careers in the 21st century.
What does MAPSA do?

We Advocate.
We develop and implement an advocacy and communications strategy to promote progressive policies and practices that support our goal of a quality education for every child.
We Support.
We provide support and provide access to resources that will enable chartered public schools to deliver on the original promise of innovation and excellence in education that can in turn, benefit every child.
We Connect.
We connect individuals, convene groups, and facilitate initiatives to foster creative problem solving and innovation.


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