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Home Bulletins
Weekly Update
This weekly e-newsletter is a timely round-up of key information which impacts the charter school movement.  Readers of Weekly Update are “in the know.”
Media Release
Catch up on news releases put out by your trade association, along with top news features from across the state.
Legislative Bulletin
These periodic bulletins keep you up-to-date on the status of charter-specific legislation and other public policy debates that impact K-12 education in the State Capitol.
MDE Bulletin
When the Michigan Department of Education has something to say about regulations, curriculum, or any issue affecting your school, you’ll hear about it from MAPSA in these bulletins.
Conference News
MAPSA’s annual conference is the largest statewide gathering of charter school professionals in the country.  Keep up with announcements about keynote speakers, session topics and other information about this “must attend” event.
School News
Useful information that impacts teachers and schools, and positive “good news” stories about what’s going on in the charter school movement, will make it into this periodic publication.
Parent News
A periodic newsletter containing helpful tips and timely information for parents of charter school students.
Founders Source
News and information specifically targeted to help applicant groups build a strong foundation for opening a quality charter school through coaching, technical assistance, training, networking, learning resources and more.
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