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Post-election Legislative Updates

November 15, 2012

Post-election Legislative Updates

Education Achievement Authority & Facilities Access, School Aid Rewrite

The legislature has come back to Lansing after the election with what appears to be an ambitious agenda between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. The biggest item on their agenda includes the recently introduced Education Achievement Authority legislation. Also find below an update on the School Aid rewrite from the Oxford Foundation.

Education Achievement Authority (EAA) & Facilities Access
The legislature introduced, HB 6004 and SB 1358, (identical bills) which will codify the EAA and address some facility access challenges.

While the legislation is wide in its scope, the simple goal is to put into law what was created through an agreement. To break it down:

  • The EAA would be a separate entity that would have the powers of a state education agency for its schools.
  • The EAA would oversee a Michigan school district called the "reform district," that would be led by a chancellor. The chancellor would have similar powers to that of a school superintendent for the schools under the EAA.
  • The schools under the EAA will be known as "Achievement Schools". They will be comprised of school buildings from anywhere in the state where student achievement, as measured on state tests, fell within the lowest five percent of Michigan schools for three consecutive years.
  • In addition, and most importantly for the charter school sector, the bills also provide for a statewide inventory of unused school buildings so they can be leased or sold to other public schools at fair market value.

While these bills have some issues, and MAPSA is still working to identify all the ramifications of these changes, we are very excited to see facility access addressed in legislation that appears to be on the fast track. We plan to see these bills go through many reiterations in the next few weeks.

School Aid Rewrite
The Oxford Foundation continues to work on the proposed School Aid rewrite. Click here for the update they provided this week, which gives some direction to what they will likely recommend. While the process continues, and MAPSA is monitoring and providing input along the way, it is far from done. Neither the legislature nor the Governor has put their mark on any proposal yet. Please review it and provide us with your feedback.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, or any public policy issue facing charter schools, please

contact Alicia Urbain, Vice President of Government and Legal Affairs, at or by phone at 517-999-4416.

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