The Charter Ideals

  • Charter schools are a necessary and permanent model for continuous improvement for all public schools; to fulfill this purpose charter schools must have the flexibility to be innovative.
  • At the heart of a successful charter school are freedom, resources and quality: freedom for the school to operate independently and for teachers and families to select it; human and financial resources that enable it to succeed; and the expectation that all its students will gain the skills and knowledge they need and that society expects.
  • Student success must be measured in a meaningful way, reflective of the uniqueness of students and the varying paths to achievement.
  • All parents, regardless of residence, race, wealth or heritage, should be able to choose among diverse, high quality, equitably funded educational options and are in the best position to make that decision.
  • Systems of accountability must set standards of performance while allowing space for managing risk that is inherent to innovation. 
  • A robust system of multiple authorizers, anchored by strong accountability, will enable more dynamic reform through innovation and keeping students first.

MAPSA's Strategic Plan