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The MAPSA Connection - April 2014
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April 2, 2014
In this time of "March Madness", it's all about the team! As individuals, we watch and admire our favorite teams as they advance to the next round, and we build a deeper connection to players on the team with each game, highlight or story.


The simple definition of a "team" is a group of individuals coming together to achieve a common goal. At MAPSA, we expand on that definition to include the expectation that everyone in the organization takes responsibility for achieving that common goal! We know, that you too - an extension of the MAPSA team - take pride in the team culture you build in your school. And, we want to help that culture thrive!


Our team has been actively exploring our role in helping you recruit high-quality educators for your team. In our exploration, we have determined that while it is not our role to screen or define who will fit and thrive within your culture, we can play a vital role in attracting more high-quality educators to choose a career at a charter school as a first choice, allowing you the opportunity to choose the best team, with each individual member taking responsibility for academic success.


We look to accomplish this goal in the following ways:

  • Implementation of a social media and public relations strategy around the empowerment that comes with teaching within a charter school;
  • Alignment of teacher "choice" to our school "choice" website at, allowing teachers, just as parents do, to view your school profile and understand your school culture at a glance;
  • Connecting our members to researched best practice models of the highest-performing schools across the nation; and
  • Supporting the recruitment and screening of candidates through our OpenHire system, attracting thousands of candidates each year and saving MAPSA members time and money. 

While more information and resources will be coming soon, you can start establishing the foundation for future team members by completing your school profile for by clicking here. Also, if you do not currently have an account for OpenHire, please contact me today at to take advantage of this complimentary member service. And, finally, watch the MAPSA Connection for more resources to be coming soon.


Wishing you success in your "March Madness" this spring!




Candace Embry

Membership Coordinator

Best Practice of the Month: 
Finding the Right Fit

Many talented teachers recognize that the perfect fit for them can be found at a charter school. Listen to these teachers talk about the benefits of working at a charter school.


Video by MAPSA Vice President of Communications, Buddy Moorehouse
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