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MAPSA’s Legislative Action Center! 

For years, the opposition has discredited charter public schools.  It is up to you to set the record straight.  Please take a few moments to use your voice and tell your elected officials why they should support charter public schools and why quality educational choices are so important to students. Click HERE to sign up now to receive updates on this and other current charter school issues.


February 2014 - Some students shouldn't be worth less than others

On February 5, Governor Snyder presented his recommended budget for the state of Michigan, including his plans on funding education. While great strides have been made over the past few years to give all students equal funding there is still work to be done. Your child could be receiving $3,000 less than a student next-door who attends school in a different district. That is not ok, and there are ways you can help!

Thank you for your support and being an effective advocate for Michigan's children.

All students deserve equitable funding.




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