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School Choice Works!

“Detroiters did much of it to themselves, by electing a series of incompetent and politicized school boards, who wasted vast amounts on huge contracts for failed superintendents,"– Jack Lessenberry, supported of the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren

Is the Detroit Education Commission (DEC), which is the ONE arguing point preventing a solution for Detroit to move forward, about controlling charter schools that parents have chosen? Or is it about controlling the school board that parents have elected?
Either way. The coalition doesn't seem to believe parents can make good choices.
As the Senate considers HB 5384 in the next few days, you must let them know that parents CAN and ARE making good choices and that choice is working in the city of Detroit.
Stand up for parents and the citizens of Detroit now!

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School Choice Works

The DEC is Not a Solution



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