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Teamwork, Creative Arrangements Reach Every Child

Picture a 6th-grade student, new to his downriver charter school, Trillium Academy.  He’d had bad experiences in other schools, and he’d had bad experiences in his home life.  Learning wasn’t a priority, and in fact, he refused to try even the smallest task.

His new teacher wasn’t gaining ground with him.  Nothing was working.  However, in a school built on teamwork and a total focus on students, she thought of a coworker, a teacher known for reaching the toughest of students … a teacher, Brianne Pedini, who’s creative, energetic and leads fabulous science lessons.  

Arrangements were made for the boy to join Mrs. Pedini’s class each day for science.  Bit by bit, his eyes and body language showed promise.  Bit by bit, Mrs. Pedini gained his trust.  He relaxed, started to care and discovered the excitement of learning.  

Because of the school’s commitment to do whatever it takes — to find the key that unlocks every child — this boy saw the possibilities of life and learning.  He saw the love of others, and he gained confidence in himself.  His road most certainly will be long, but at least now he’s on the road.

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