'Unregulated' Charter Schools? 13 Things You Did Not Know

'Unregulated' Charter Schools? 13 Things You Did Not Know

By Tom Gantert - Originally found in Michigan Capitol Confidential

All the accountability of regular public schools – plus parents can pull their kids out any time

Michigan charter schools are among the most regulated schools in the country, according to the Michigan Association of Public School Academies. Here are 13 rules and laws the association says charter schools in this state must follow:

  • Michigan law requires a charter school to be closed if it is in the bottom 5 percent of state public schools in academic achievement three years in a row.
  • Charter school authorizers hold charter schools accountable to the requirements spelled out in a legally binding contract. The contract covers expectations and goals for the school.
  • Charter schools can limit enrollment based only on building capacity. Here's a list of some of the grounds upon which charters may not discriminate: a student’s previous academic performance, special needs, race and home address. If a charter school has more applicants than it has the capacity to serve, it must select its students by random, using a lottery.

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