MAPSA Statement on Decision to Drop A-F Letter Grading

LANSING, Michigan (March 13, 2017) – It was reported today that Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction Brian Whiston said that the Michigan Department of Education would not be adopting an A-F letter-grading system to hold schools accountable. Below is a statement on that decision from Dan Quisenberry, President of the Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA), the state charter school association.

“This is a sad day for students and parents,” Quisenberry said. “By dropping the implementation of an A-F letter-grading system, Michigan will be lacking any sort of a meaningful accountability system for schools, and parents and students will be the ones who suffer. Schools won’t be held accountable for their performance, and parents won’t have access to a comprehensive and easy-to-understand way of evaluating their educational options.

“We’ve seen in the states that have adopted an A-F letter-grading system that it’s helped raise student achievement. Michigan will continue to lag behind now. Schools deserve to have a clear, fair and easily understood set of standards. We grade students; why not schools? This is an awful decision, and we urge the state to reconsider.”