Charter School Students in Detroit Score More Than Twice as High on M-STEP

LANSING, Michigan – Charter school students in Detroit far outperformed traditional public school students on this year’s M-STEP test in both English language arts and math, according to data released by the state on Tuesday.

In fact, in both ELA and math, charter school students were more than twice as proficient as traditional public school students.

Among all students in Detroit in all grades, 23.6 percent of charter school students were proficient on the ELA portion of the exam, compared to just 10.6 percent of traditional public school students. In math, 12.7 percent of charter school students were proficient, compared to 6.1 percent of traditional public school students.

Dan Quisenberry, President of the Michigan Association of Public School Academies, said that while there’s still significant room for improvement, the results are eye-opening.

“We see yet again why the majority of parents in Detroit have chosen a charter school for their child,” Quisenberry said. “You can’t fool parents. They pay attention to this. We see that charter schools in Detroit are significantly outperforming traditional public schools in both ELA and math. Charter schools didn’t just score incrementally better, either. They scored more than twice as high in both subjects.

“The myth that’s repeated far too often is that charter schools in Detroit are no better than traditional public schools when it comes to test scores and data. That’s simply not true, and it never has been. While there is more work to do to reach expectations, charter schools in Detroit are far outperforming traditional public schools. The numbers are still far too low across the board, but we’re seeing that when it comes to improving educational outcomes in Detroit, it’s the charter schools that are leading the way. We need to keep that in mind as we work to improve the performance of all kids in Detroit and every other community in Michigan.”

About 53 percent of all students in Detroit attend a charter school – the second-highest percentage of any city in the country.