Wall Street Journal Editorial Supports Detroit Charter School in its Battle For Facility: “This is a Blatant Violation of the Law”

LANSING, Michigan (January 2, 2018) – The chorus continues to grow in support of a small charter school in Detroit that’s trying to move into a new building – a move that’s being opposed by the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) through the use of tax dollars.

The country’s third-largest newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, is weighing in with an editorial today in support of Detroit Prep, a charter school that’s trying to buy a building for its school. The facility is a former DPSCD building that closed in 2009 and was sold to a developer. DPSCD is using a deed restriction – which is now illegal – to oppose the sale of the building.

Detroit Prep was forced to go to court to get DPSCD to comply with the law, and the school district is now using tax dollars to fight the lawsuit. MAPSA has been leading the fight in Lansing as the Legislature looks to remove all doubt that these deed restrictions are not welcomed in Michigan. The legislature was clear when it passed SB 249 last year that school buildings were tax payer assets and the taxpayers should have the opportunity to continue to use that building to educate kids. That clarification could come up for a final vote in Lansing this month.

Meanwhile, a number of organizations and media outlets in Michigan have come to Detroit Prep’s defense, but with today’s brutally hard-hitting Wall Street Journal editorial, the issue has now gone national. The Wall Street Journal says that DPSCD is guilty of “a blatant violation of the law.”

“The farce is that the Detroit school district is spending money to defend the lawsuit even as it claims to lack the resources for basic education,” the WSJ wrote.

You’ll find the editorial here