About Our Publications

Charter Connect Magazine

The Charter Connect magazine provides support to the Michigan charter school market to increase awareness on policy, innovative breakthrough practices and valuable products and services to assist schools in achieving their goals. Each edition will inspire educators to challenge their existing mindsets and evaluate their approach to education in order to best meet the needs of their students. 

InnovatED Blog

The InnovatED Blog provides a unique approach to education through insight built upon grant partnerships and researched best practices that challenge the current trends of education. Educators will shift their mindsets while exploring the blog through technical and adaptive approaches to challenges and problems found in schools from academic priorities to the business functions. 


The MAPSA Blog promotes the Michigan charter school brand to community partners and parents and inspires a movement of true education reform that is focused on what is best for kids. Battling common myths and misconceptions, the MAPSA Blog fights the good fight to get the often misunderstood approach of charter schools in Michigan to gain the publicity of being thought-leaders in the education reform movement.