Session Preview: Charter Leader 'Secrets' of creating the Teacher Career Lattice

Our charter community, as well as school districts across the State of Michigan, continue to experience a teacher mobility rate of around 18%. Whether your community experiences teacher turnover, mobility, or attrition the impact of this constant change will eventually impact the students within your learning community. This impact could be measured in one of a number of ways such as student growth and attainment, student attendance, school culture, etc.

Image of Table labelled Table 2 with title Number and percentage of Michigan public school teacher stayers, movers, and leavers: 2004-2005 through 2016-2017. The table then expresses the date for that organization.

In order to support ever-changing teacher populations, many school leaders find themselves continuously implementing professional development plans that have a large focus on adults who are new-to-teaching. Some educational leaders have come to accept this as their norm and plan accordingly. Others, however, have chosen to try and solve this issue by leveraging the innovative nature of the charter school movement. These individuals are tackling the roadblocks present in retaining those adults with promising educational careers. Their charge is to create stability in their teacher teams, and over time to reduce the time spent bringing new team members on, and extend the learning for returning teachers.

With this goal of cultivating stable teaching teams, innovative practices such as creating career lattices; a concept borrowed from the corporate world, can become extremely valuable to the charter school world. The ultimate goal is retaining master teachers in roles where they can have the most impact: in instructional roles! How does your school community create processes for career advancement within your organization that will help you maintain a stable teaching team?

Authored by Keith Palz, Executive Director of Atlantic Research Partners in Chicago, IL. Keith will be sharing more of his knowledge on teacher retention strategies at the 2018 Michigan Charter School Symposium with his session titled “Charter Leader ‘Secrets’ of creating the Teacher Career Lattice” on December 5, 2018.