2020 T.O.Y. Finalist: Lexi Salisbury

Lexi Salisbury

Seventh & Eighth Grade Teacher, Light of the World Academy
While she knew from her earliest days that she was meant to work with children, Lexi questioned a career in teaching while she was in college. The world of education seemed bogged down in testing, and regulation - the focus on young minds was almost lost. While she weighed her career options, she found herself working in a hardware store. One day, a customer came in and told her about a little Montessori charter school down the road - intrigued, she applied for the 7th & 8th grade opening, and rediscovered true passion for the classroom and for teaching. Now a thriving Montessori instructor, Lexi is proud of her individualized classroom, where students have unique plans that meet their unique growth needs, no matter where they are academically. She truly loves teaching middle school - and feels a key component to supporting these young minds is giving them room to socially and emotionally mature. Described by her fellow educators as a relentless innovator and advocate for kids, Lexi is highly appreciated at LOTWA.

Why are you proud to be a charter school educator?

I think charter school educators naturally go against the grain - we want to innovate, and be creative and take risks. I love being a charter school teacher at LOTWA because of the freedom I have to be creative. Getting the chance to be observant, and really recognize students’ needs, is huge - I can adjust when I need to, in a way that supports my kids. I get to work one-on-one to bridge gaps for kids, so no-one gets left behind. It’s amazing.

How has your team adapted to distance learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

I think most of us saw the writing on the wall that we’d be spending time out of school - so I prepped students before the closure was announced, and then when we left that Friday I really hit the ground running. I think the great thing about Montessori is that my kids are accustomed to working on their individual assignments at their own pace - so in a way the distance learning has really mirrored our classroom structure, academically. But I think the thing that is hardest for me is missing our social-emotional piece - especially being a middle school class. So I’ve really been introducing collaborative check ins, games, journaling, etc. to really address that part.

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