MAPSA's enhanced Staples program offers 6,500+ opportunities for school supply savings

Heather Risner
Feb 22, 2019 9:32:00 AM

MAPSA's Staples cooperative program has long-since made buying school necessities easy and affordable, but now we're unveiling some major enhancements to the program that will help save your wallet, and your time. 

If you're like us at MAPSA, you've learned to simply do more with less over the years - that means side-by-side price comparisons, setting sale reminders, thrifting for larger items on the now infamous Facebook marketplace, and especially taking advantage of our own Staples account benefits. We get everything from paper towels, to creamer and K-cups, to copy paper via Staples, and the savings continue to be a great benefit for our team. 

We're excited to announce that our cooperative school program now has even more benefits than before. In addition to getting 5% off any item available through, our special list of school discounted items has grown from a few hundred to 6,500. That's over 6,000 items discounted even further based on school demand. AND, if you're looking to do a large furniture rennovation, you'll want to consider Staples: using our program, you'll recieve 2% back to your school with any furniture purchase over $25,000.

You'll also still get free, next-day delivery, easy online ordering and tracking, and an awesome local Account Manager - his name is Joe Holton. A Central Michigan University graduate and avid University of Michigan fan, Joe now serves as our program account manager (don't worry Spartans, he's assured us his team preferences won't affect any contractual agreements). 

These program enhancements were made with you in mind - we know every penny counts in your school, and you should be able to make smart supply spending decisions without all the hastle, so you can get back to focusing on what matters: the amazing students and educators in your buildings. If you haven't yet taken advantage of this amazing MAPSA member value, take this quick survey to connect with Joe and get the ball rolling today!

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