Schools: tell your story

As MI charter school stakeholders, our story is important - and we're the only ones who can tell it. Showcase your amazing work, share your innovation & build visibility in your community.


What is storytelling and why does it matter?

Storytelling is the sum total of all the social media posting, newsletter creating, flyer designing, etc. that we do to talk about our work, recruit new educators and market to prospective families. Good storytelling leverages the 'special sauce' that sets you apart from the rest, combined with authentic testimonials from your stakeholders, to get the job done.

1. Bring together a team of 'storytellers'

The best people to tell your story are the ones driving your mission daily. Create a role (or roles) within your school team to tackle the responsibility of posting on social media - and empower them to be successful by structuring a process for collecting and scheduling content on each channel. 

empower your storytelling team

2. Define your 'special sauce'

As charter schools, our "how" is just as important as our "what." While it's important to talk about the impact you're shaping for students and families, it's even more important to talk about how  you facilitated such amazing results. Was it your unique Montessori curriculum, your scenic location and emphasis on nature, your college prep program, or your parent engagement model? No matter what "it" is, you must identify and showcase your competitive advantage. 

How to define your 'special sauce'

download a blank template

3. Use the social checklist to save time

Social media posting can quickly drop to the bottom of your priority list as the school year picks up, other projects take off, and as your calendar fills up - but you can plan ahead to save yourself time. At monthly/weekly staff meetings, use that time to get input from teachers and staff members about what's happening in your school & organize them into some key categories.

social checklist & content ideas

download a blank checklist 

4. Calendar & schedule like a BOSS

Once you've got some great ideas, organize them into a calendar that your whole social reporting team can see - and mark once you've scheduled them. You can use super affordable online scheduling tools, like Buffer, to schedule a whole week's worth of posts on Monday morning. 

view and copy a sample calendar

& follow these platform guidelines

5. Fearlessly try & try again

You're going to have big wins, where parents and community members absolutely love your posts, but you'll also experience some losses. Whether it's an angry parent, a charter hater or a student commenting something inappropriate, social media success is not a straight line. Keep your cool and follow these FAQ best practices.

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