Academic Approach

by MAPSA, on Jan 25, 2021 10:18:53 AM

Founded in 2001 by Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Academic Approach empowers students and educators from all backgrounds to succeed on and beyond college admissions tests. We know that, by boosting skills — not teaching tips and tricks — students are more prepared for higher level learning and better positioned to achieve excellence on the SAT and ACT, throughout college, and in other future endeavors. Academic Approach combines data-focused, standards-based analysis with research-driven curriculum and online software to deliver our signature services: Practice and Interim Assessments, Formative Assessment Builder, and Teacher Preparation.
Contact Person: Rachel Chewakin
E-Mail Address:
Phone: 773-348-8914
Fax: N/A
Address: 342 W. Armitage Avenue
City: Chicago
State: IL
Postal Code: 60614


Service Areas:polling/surveys/student assessmentdistance learning

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