American Charter Education Services (a division of Education Management & Networks, Inc.)

by MAPSA, on Aug 24, 2018 12:39:36 PM

Dr. Lorilyn K. Coggins and American Charter Education Services (“ACES”), now a division of Education Management & Networks (“EMAN”), are an industry name in the charter school world having serviced schools and planning groups for nearly twenty-five (25) years.  With joined forces, ACES and EMAN have a team of individuals with a combined sixty (60) years of experience in the education sector.

While EMAN focuses on the full-management side of operation, the experience and knowledge ACES provides to prospective founders and planning groups is second to none.  ACES provides step-by-step guidance in the development, start-up and implementation of quality charter school operation. ACES clients have been the recipients of more than 2.5 million dollars in planning and implementation grant funds and ACES further assisted a dozen planning groups obtain charter authorizations.

ACES strives to develop its relationships with clients long after authorization by providing ongoing services including:

  • coordinating communications between clients and the State of Michigan, authorizers, other charter school organizations, and school vendors
  • Federal, State, and authorizer compliance
  • accounts management
  • grant writing & management
  • financial services & reporting
  • board of directors support including training, development, meeting preparation & attendance
  • assets control & monitoring


No matter your size, ACES wants to help all schools achieve success.

How does your organization help with student achievement?

ACES primarily helps with student achievement through the planning and development process prior to authorization by ensuring the research based educational model clients choose is tailored to meet the needs of its identified community (expected student population). Subsequent to authorization, student achievement can be said to hinge on implementing sound, fiscally responsible policies and procedures in order to ensure every dollar possible is geared toward classroom instruction.

Contact Person: Lorilyn Coggins
E-Mail Address:
Phone: 248.327.7673
Fax: 248.327.7418
Address: 27704 Franklin Road
City: Southfield
State: MI
Postal Code: 48034
Service Areas:professional developmentenrichment/curriculumconsulting services

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