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Founded by trial attorney, Carole D. Bos, AwesomeStories Internet Productions delivers the story-behind-behind-the-story to teachers, students and lifelong learners to spark critical thinking, communications skills and deep knowledge acquisition.

AwesomeStories creates powerful multimedia, evidence-based online content providing context for films, books and events from historical, science, literature and the arts and more.

AwesomeStories builds applications to support teachers and students research, reading, reflection, writing and citing to build their own stories, papers, lessons, projects and e-books, meeting 21st-century teaching and learning goals and deepening knowledge.

AwesomeStories works with educators across the country to develop the stories introducing key academic topics, curating artifacts to support work in those subjects.

AwesomeStories applications enable educators and students to build new content, using research techniques and citing all media.

AwesomeStories has received testimonials from hundreds of educators across the country who use our archive and applications and integrate them into their curriculum. Here is a link to what they say organized by grade level, subject and role:

Here are several:guaLangThis is a one-stop site which covers all of my needs for literature in the

Language Arts
This is a one-stop site which covers all of my needs for literature in the classroom! —Shelly Whitman, Teacher, Fremont Middle School, Fremont Public Schools, NE

Cross Curricular Multi Grade Instruction is a wonderful website using interactive stories that allows visitors to analyze related primary sources of various types. As Associate Director of the Teaching with Primary Source program at Illinois State University funded by the Library of Congress, I work with primary sources on a daily basis and have found these raw materials of history are helpful in engaging students in active learning, developing critical thinking skills, and constructing knowledge. I often share the many easy to use teaching tools on the website with colleagues, educators, and students. By reading the stories and analyzing related photographs, films, audio, documents and other primary sources, students generate questions, organize ideas, research and come to conclusions. I highly recommend the AwesomeStories website to educators to assist them in using primary sources in instruction to meet their students’ needs and Common Core State Standards.—Judy Bee, Associate Director, Teaching with Primary Sources at Illinois State University, Library of Congress, Midwest Region, Normal, IL

Librarians & Media Specialists
“AwesomeStories” is one of those rare sites that is not only useful for teachers and librarians, but is also kid-friendly. Many databases and primary source websites are full of great resources, but they are difficult for students to navigate. “AwesomeStories” presents history the way it should be, as a collection of stories to pique children’s interests. The multimedia approach helps students to learn the material in various modalities, while offering access to high-quality links, videos, images, charts, and text. AwesomeStories makes it easy for students to research topics of interest so they can spend more time reading, understanding, and evaluating. —Kristina Holzweiss, The Laptop Lieberrian, Bay Shore Middle School, Long Island, NY

Social Studies
Weaving primary source material into my student’s learning is my secret weapon. Everyone loves a good story and when I can incorporate it into my teaching, it is the ‘hook’ that keeps them wanting to go further and investigate more. When did a student ever finish a chapter in their textbook and ask: “Can I have more, please?” —Mary Ann Riendeau, History Teacher, Eagle Hill School, Hardwick, MA

Contact Person: Chris Balash
E-Mail Address:
Phone: (800)277-1381
Address: 990 Monroe NW
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Postal Code: 49503
Service Areas:enrichment/curriculum

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