Charter School Support Services

by MAPSA, on Sep 9, 2018 4:33:32 PM

Charter School Support Services provides local boards and school leaders with services that support the achievement of their academic, financial and organizational goals. We help schools use funds more efficiently allowing a higher allocation of resources to be used for educating the students. Our services include project management; comprehensive facility development for new buildings and renovations; facility financing; ongoing facility maintenance including preventative maintenance; procurement and financing of materials; and operational policy development and support. We support school leaders in the development of operational procedures, internal controls and general problem-solving on all aspects of the school’s program and operations.

How does your organization help with student achievement?

Charter School Support Services helps with student achievement by supporting school leaders and boards with operations to allow for more efficient use of funds as well as more time to spend focusing on educating the students. Through our expertise in operations (from facility development, financing and maintenance to procurement to procedures), we are able to reduce cost and other resources spent on operations and allow for more time on education/instruction.

Service Areas:admin/financial/HRjanitorial/cleaning/grounds services

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