EasySuite Software

by MAPSA, on Aug 21, 2020 3:59:27 PM

Easysuite Software offers Lotterease and Foodease to schools nationwide! Lotterease is an Enrollment and Lottery system that automatically manages siblings, weighted applications and waitlists. Parents can apply and confirm attendance online. Foodease is a Food Operations System that streamlines the food purchase and management process. Foodease includes Parent Ordering, Menu Building, POS, State Reporting, online NSLP applications and more. You can gain efficiency, lower costs and please your parents and staff with Foodease!

Contact Person: Cyril Spiro
E-Mail Address: cyril@easysuite.software
Phone: (888) 414-3777
Fax: N/A
Address: 10006 Cross Creek Blvd., #197
City: Tampa
State: FL
Postal Code: 33647
Service Areas:admin/financial/HRdining/food services

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