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EntrepreneurWorks began as an organization that worked to educate children on the many facets of entrepreneurship through Southeast Michigan. Over time many school administrators took note of the positive impact EntrepreneurWorks project based hands on learning had on many struggling students. As a result many principals and district administrators have requested services from EntrepreneurWorks to meet the academic needs of students. Included in the organizations expansion is its family service programs and professional development. Since its inception EntreprenuerWorks has always maintained the mission: An organization that solely focuses on the improvement and
empowerment of youth and families.
EntrepreneurWorks has the experience and expertise in what makes quality programming, how to maintain the fidelity of a quality program and how to evaluate that program to determine the impact it has had on students.

In addition, EntrepreneurWorks has gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise from partnerships with industry leaders, such as Detroit Parent Network, Youth Development Corporation, Detroit Hispanic Development and Latino Family Services.

Contact Person: Kelvin Paige
E-Mail Address: kpaige@entrepreneurworks.org
Phone: (313)925-3201
Fax:  N/A
Address: 497 E. Grand Blvd
City: Detroit
State: MI
Postal Code: 48207
Service Areas:enrichment/curriculum

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