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by MAPSA, on Nov 26, 2018 9:03:33 PM

Merit is a member-owned organization, Merit provides affordable network and IT services to education, government, and health care institutions, and other non-profit organizations. Merit is a trusted network provider in Michigan, and operates the longest-running regional network in the US. We provide custom network solutions for public sector organizations of all sizes.

By connecting organizations, building relationships and sharing services, educational institutions can achieve far more together than they can alone. We exist for the benefit of our members and are dedicated to their success. We seek to do what is important and has unique value. We believe that community is built through partnership, cooperation and collaboration.

Merit’s network is built for Collaboration. Cut costs and share IT with an organization just like yours, right here in Michigan. FAST. SECURE. RELIABLE. Merit operates America’s longest-running regional network and is a trusted network provider in Michigan since 1966. We provide service to 100% of the public universities in Michigan, a majority of community colleges, private colleges and universities, as well as a large number of K-12 districts, public libraries, government agencies, health care and other non-profit institutions. The network is designed to support cloud services and Internet-based applications for organizations of any size. BEST CONNECTED REGIONAL NETWORK. The Merit backbone features over 3,800 miles of fiber-optic network infrastructure that stretches across both the Lower and Upper Peninsulas. Merit, the longest-running regional network in America, is also the best connected. Our network has the capacity and engineering performance to support high-bandwidth applications, such as distance learning, large-scale data transfers, videoconferencing, virtual laboratories, remote instrumentation and digital libraries.

Projects Specific to K-12 Education:

Contact Person: Karen Michon
E-Mail Address:
Phone: 734-527-5785
Address: 1000 Oakbrook Dr. Suite 200
City: Ann Arbor 
State: MI
Postal Code: 48104
Service Areas:admin/financial/HRtechnology

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