MI Choice

by MAPSA, on Nov 26, 2018 10:33:58 PM

MIChoice is an educational service provider organization, which is focused solely on the special needs of charter school startups in the state of Michigan. When Act 277 of the Michigan legislature expanded the prospect for new charter schools, Choice Schools Associates, which has been working with turnaround charter schools for over 15 years, decided to create a sister company, MIChoice. MIChoice is committed to helping individuals and groups who have a dream school that they want to bring to life to make it become a reality. MIChoice is the SUPERIOR CHOICE for charter school founders in the state of Michigan.

Our mission is to empower every child with knowledge, skills, character, and work ethic to achieve the American Dream. Our Character Choice program enables each of our students to research a character trait each month. From responsibility to courage, our students are charged with practicing these traits both inside and outside of their classrooms. MIChoice customizes services to meet the unique needs of each academy, and commits the appropriate resources and staff to serve the mission, goals, and objectives set out in every charter school contract that we manage.

Contact Person: Sydney Faucette
E-Mail Address: info@choiceschools.com
Phone: 616-785-8440
Fax: 616-785-8455 
Address: 255 Colrain Street SW Suite 1
City: Wyoming
State: MI
Postal Code: 49548
Service Areas:consulting serviceseducational service provideradmin/financial/HR

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