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PCMI has over a 20-year history of providing proven services to what has grown to more than 225 public school districts and academies, becoming the fourth-largest U.S. Education Staffing Firm according to Staffing Industry Analysts. PCMI provides cost saving efficiencies by utilizing our proprietary technology, willSub® automated substitute placement and absence tracking solution with PCMI educational staffing services. If it is a reduction of paperwork and time spent manually recording and tracking absences or maintaining the control and quality of substitute and employees, PCMI is the solution. By providing substitute employee contracting, real-time reports, leave tracking, substitute data and administrative access via the web or phone, the District maintains the desired control with all the added efficiencies.

“Our school district started using willSub® January 2013. Our main concerns were making our staff and current substitutes comfortable with using willSub®. We transitioned smoothly and if we had any questions, they were there with a friendly disposition to help us. I couldn’t ask for a better company to be paired up with. willSub® has cut down tremendously on the time that was used in our offices trying to find substitutes for classrooms and payroll. I recommend willSub® to anyone that is looking for a solution to substitutes.”

— Patti Baldwin,
Administration Secretary
Ashdown School District, Arkansas

“The mission of our schools is the education and well being of the children entrusted to us. The less time spent on administration, the more focused we are on our mission. PCMI and willSub® have significantly reduced administrative workload related to substitute staffing and absentee reporting.”

— Kevin Luck, Business Manager Vilonia School District, Arkansas

“Johannesburg-Lewiston Area Schools has been using willSub® for over 11 years. willSub® provides an easy to use, efficient tool for scheduling substitute staff and monitoring employee attendance.”

— Rick Holt, Superintendent Johannesburg-Lewiston Area Schools Johannesburg, Michigan

Contact Person: Jessica Johnson
E-Mail Address: jjohnson@pcmiservices.com
Phone: 517-647-7533
Address: 212 Kent St. Suite 12 P.O. Box 516
City: Portland
State: MI
Postal Code: 48875
Service Areas:substitute teacher services

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