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Skookii currently serves 166 charter/rural/small public district schools. We are PayPal for K-12 schools/nonprofit organizations and provide a SaaS solution that provides real-time transaction data and reporting. We are a social impact startup and provide our platform and mobile apps at zero cost, and schools do not have to sign any software/merchant contracts.

Mark Goodman – Superintendent @ St David Unified:
“As a father of four students, I now use this amazing free platform to handle all of my children’s school payments even though I’m on campus every day.”

Bilal Dogan – Principal @ Sonoran Science Academy:
“You have built an important and valuable product for K-12 schools and it’s amazing you provide it free of charge. Skookii is truly a PayPal for schools and we love it!”

Courtney Fincher – Executive Director @ Palmetto Academy of Learning and Success:
“This has been a life saver for our school! There has been no cost to the school and in fact has saved us money when factoring in employee’s time to handle receipts, prepare deposits, and drive to the bank for the deposits”

Contact Person: Alisher Rakhimov
E-Mail Address:
Phone: 520-440-9869
Address: 1 N. 1st Street Suite 640
City: Pheonix
State: AZ
Postal Code: 85004
Service Areas:admin/financial/HR

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