Spanish for Kids, LLC

by MAPSA, on Dec 3, 2018 3:30:55 PM

Spanish for Kids, LLC was founded in 2004. The founder, Celeste Green, began her career as a Kindergarten teacher at a Spanish immersion school in southwest Detroit. Upon seeing how easily students grasped a second language at a young age, she decided to extend her reach and offer Spanish classes to young children at elementary schools that did not offer foreign language as part of the curriculum. Parents jumped at the opportunity to expose their children to a second language at a young age. Spanish for Kids’ program is specifically designed for children between the ages of 5-10 years. This is truly the window of opportunity for second language learning. Spanish for Kids secured a contract with a chain of preschool/afterschool care facility in Naperville, Illinois and serviced over 200 children in those locations. Spanish for Kids then went on to offer after school programming in the Kalamazoo area elementary schools that did not offer language as part of the curriculum. Programs were also implemented in Smyrna, Georgia as well as Plainfield, IL.

Spanish for Kids has many testimonials from parents and principals. Included below are 3 samplings:

– Celeste Green and her Spanish for Kids team made the Spanish language come alive for our students at
Vinings Creative Learning Center! Our students could not wait until the next Tuesday when the “maestras” would come in to laugh and play in Spanish with our students! – Eileen Ross, Director

-My daughter was given a choice of 2 activities that she could do for the summer. Those choices included dance, gymnastics, cheer, cooking, sports. She said to me “Mom, just make sure I do Spanish! I love that class!” Spanish for Kids is effective and fun! – J. Marretti – Parent

-Spanish for Kids has our students singing the songs and practicing their Spanish long after the lessons end. Great job! – M. Hochstetter – Owner, Junior Village Preschools

Spanish for Kids can play a pivotal role in increasing student achievement. Second language learning is a CRITICAL skill for 21st century learning. The U.S. Department of Education lists it as one of the most important skills our children will need. There are far too many children who do not have access to this critical skill. Students in the U.S. generally learn a second language at one of the worst times to learn a language - during puberty when their brains are less receptive to new languages. Spanish for Kids makes languages come alive and helps prepare children for our global society. Furthermore, learning a second language increases understanding of students' first language and has shown to improve standardized test scores.

Contact Person: Celeste Green
E-Mail Address:
Phone: 630-768-5885
Address: P.O. Box 412
City: Ann Arbor
State: MI
Postal Code: 48108
Service Areas:enrichment/curriculum

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