The Timeline Project

by MAPSA, on Dec 5, 2018 12:57:03 PM

How do your students learn about the central element of their own lives, race in America? Ponderous textbooks have a paragraph here, a page there, and there are celebratory months, one race at a time. There is a better, tested, and remarkably cost-effective way to supplement those textbooks and those celebratory months with too much crammed into them.

The internet-based TimeLine of American Race Relations tells the stories of *all* Americans of color from 1500 to the present. The California Department of Education has approved the TimeLine for supplemental use, and it has been successfully tested in elementary, middle and high school classes.

We invite you to explore the TimeLine. Go to: and enter with school/ID: wolverine; password: diversity. A computer and browser provide best viewing.

Write us with your comments and questions. We are happy to provide the reactions of teachers who have used the TimeLine.

We help by motivating students. Don't take our word that our program works! In Chapter 13 of "Dreams From My Father," Chicago high school counselor Asante Moran is speaking to young community organizer Barack Obama: “Just think what a real education for these children would involve. It would start by giving a child an understanding of himself, his world, his culture, his community. That’s the starting point of any educational process. That’s what makes a child hungry to learn – the promise of being part of something, of mastering his environment. But for the black child, everything’s turned upside down. From day one, what’s he learning about? Someone else’s history. Someone else’s culture..." Our TimeLines (covering race and women in America) show students the achievements of Americans "just like them." In addition to U.S. History, where the TimeLines align with state department of education standards, STEM and English teachers have used the TimeLines to inspire students.

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State: CA
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