US2, Inc.

by MAPSA, on Dec 5, 2018 7:55:19 PM

US2, Inc. has been identified as an incorporation since May, 2016. However, the work of Megan Fuciarelli in the areas of social justice has been occurring for almost 10 years. While serving as an administrator (Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum Director, and Principal), she spent much of her time in the areas of increasing awareness and ensuring that curriculum was culturally responsive. In order to continually improve her practice, she was trained with the National Coalition Building Institute in the areas of Prejudice Reduction and Controversial Issues as well as attending Harvard for the Urban School Leadership program. She has also been trained in Crucial Conversations and has served as a contractor/independent consultant for both Teaching Tolerance and Oakland Schools in Michigan. In addition to these positions, she volunteered for over 5 years with the Illinois ASCD on the Board of Directors as the Urban Education Chair and, most recently before moving to Illinois, as the Whole Child Advocate. When speaking with organizations that Megan has worked with, the following experiences have been shared:

While providing a key note on White Privilege to Summit School District (southern suburb of Chicago, IL), multiple attendees sent various communications to Ms. Fuciarelli after the session. Megan has maintained communication and now serves on the board of one of the attendees non-profit agencies. Not only does Megan provide information and trainings, she provides mentoring and networking opportunities to help others reach their fullest potential and, ultimately, impact our youth toward a more improved society.

While working with Teaching Tolerance, Megan wrote Professional Development modules to align with the critical practices of culturally responsive teaching. These modules are still posted on their website and serve as a backdrop to multiple Teaching Tolerance trainings. In addition to these modules related to teaching practices, Megan served as a trainer and consultant for Perspectives, a social justice curriculum rooted in Common Core. She has worked tirelessly to provide curriculum that serves as both a window and mirror for our students.

Within Oakland Schools, Megan served as a Literacy Consultant and Title I reviewer for Priority Schools. In doing this work, she provided a great deal of mentoring and coaching opportunities for the teaching staff within the district. A relationship was formed with each and every one of her coachees in order to provide the most impactful coaching.

All contractors that work with US2 are passionate in the areas of social justice and education. Megan meets with all agencies to discuss goals for the organization and craft a plan. Since the work has begun, even before becoming an incorporation, Megan has worked with over 20 agencies and would be happy to share further references upon request.

US2, Inc. follows a three tiered approach to ensure success for all stakeholders. Our first tier is Curriculum Development where we audit your current curriculum to ensure that it is culturally relevant and that the practices within the curriculum follow a culturally responsive pedagogy model. If not, we will work with a team of your staff to restructure your curriculum to ensure that it follows critical cultural practices. In the case of a smaller staff, or limited time/resources, we will restructure your curriculum for you. By having a more inclusive curriculum, student achievement is proven to increase tremendously. Our second tier is Professional Development where we provide training for all stakeholders. We hold community forums for community members and parents as well as Board trainings to help understand the importance of our work. We will also provide staff training in the areas of diversity and prejudice reduction as well as crucial conversations. Lastly, we partner with multiple student-driven agencies to provide student summits and assemblies to help better understand the negative impact of bias and prejudice (bullying). Our third tier is Mentoring/Coaching. After doing the work in tiers one and two, US2 believes strongly in following up with the work and holding all participants accountable for success. We will train students in peer mediation techniques. We will also meet one on one with teachers and administrators to help navigate the often difficult world of social justice within the educational system. By holding one another accountable, student achievement increases dramatically.

Contact Person: Megan Fuciarelli
E-Mail Address:
Phone: 586-840-8724
Address: 899 E. Barrett Avenue
City: Madison Heights
State: MI
Postal Code: 48071
Service Areas:consulting services

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