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MI Charter Action Center

How do you become an engaged charter advocate? Start here! 

Welcome to the MI Charter Action Center!

As charter school advocates, we all know the dedication, passion and success our educators and schools provide for families and students across Michigan. Unfortunately, many of our elected and appointed officials do not. As they make decisions about things like student funding, K-12 regulation, testing, and more, it's critical that they hear OUR voices & stories. Here, you can support the MI charter movement with select activations, look up your local lawmakers & more!  

A photo of several elementary students sitting at their desks in a Martin Luther King Jr. Education Center Academy classroom.

MI Charters Action Basecamp

Ready to become a super advocate?! Join our private Facebook group, designed for passionate MI charter stakeholders who want to stay in the loop on key political developments, action opportunities & more.

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For Educators - Guide to Advocacy

We've compiled key tips for scheduling school visits, building legislator relationships & more. Join us in the MI Charter Mastermind Network to check out this exclusive guide.

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Stay involved with MI Charters

Learn about our events and happening, key programs, and additional opportunities for staying connected with MAPSA and your fellow MI charter advocates.

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Learn more about the MI School Aid Budget

Discover key issues, how MI K-12 funding works, and more!
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