Michigan Charter Communications Network

We are curators of perception, crafters of image and creatives alike. 


What we say matters

Michigan's charter school brand is the sum total of every news article, social media post, press release, publication or physical encounter a user experiences - and we know we're fighting an uphill battle. 

But we believe in different.

We can work together to shape a look, tone and feel that reflect our shared values as charter school stakeholders. In this group, we: 


We have power in numbers. Our collective voices can far exceed our individual networks if we help amplify one another.


To create positive recognition for all of MI's charter schools, we align our messaging to tell incredible stories.


We won't get it right every time. But when we do, we need to share best practice, new ideas & the hard lessons.


Interested in the MI Charter Comms Network?

We know communicators often wear many hats and hold many different titles. If you work in some form of commuincations in the charter movement, we'd love to help you get involved with the group.

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