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Professional Innovators in Teaching: About the program

About the program

Professional Innovators in Teaching is a three-year Michigan alternative teacher certification and endorsement program. Alternative certification candidates learn about teaching through real-time experience teaching in a classroom. Additional endorsement candidates gain additional expertise by leading a classroom within their desired focus. This program offers a unique experiential opportunity to learn by doing.

All candidates are supported through a professional network over the 36-month program. Candidates participate in professional development seminars and trainings that are rooted in real-time experience and feedback. Professional Innovators in Teaching is a Michigan Department of Education approved program of study that meets all requirements for earning a Michigan Standard Teaching Certificate and approved endorsements. 

Professional Innovators in Teaching seeks to build strong networks of candidates sharing the same experiences at the same time through a model of facilitated learning. The program includes educators seeking certification in grades K-12 and endorsements as allowable by Michigan law. The coursework is relevant and customizable to each candidate's needs and teaching interests. 

We value teaching as a profession

Our program is set up to match candidates with their ideal school, based on mission and innovation as a critical platform that enables full integration into school culture. The structure is focused on experience in the classroom and real-time instructional coaching and mentoring. We place significant value on the support structure of the cohort, creating a network of professionalism in which everybody is involved in candidate development, including school leadership, teacher mentors, PLC leaders, and coaches. Our curriculum is paced in a way that allows for exposure, coaching and practice to individualized growth plans.

strong program faculty

We boast dynamic and accomplished faculty, who are eager to share best practices, innovation & new strategies.

experienced colleagues

We foster meaningful relationships between innovative educators, encouraging idea sharing and creativity.

ongoing mentoring

We cultivate long-term, broad-spectrum educator growth, as well as specific development in key instructional areas.

collaborative inquiry

We work together to identify common student challenges, analyze relevant data, and test out new instructional approaches.

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This schedule is only relevant for candidates in the program who pass the MTTC before November 3, 2019.

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Program benefits

A coach & mentor

Candidates have access to a cohort coach that offers feedback and support, as well as a mentor who works within the school to offer more direct and regular guidance.

Access to resources

Candidates will have access to professional development opportunities, academic resources, and instructional strategies which they can apply to their classroom immediately.  

Real classroom time

Candidates will be the lead teacher in a classroom aligned to their area of endorsement through this experiential approach to alternative certification, giving them competitive experience.

Timely feedback

Candidates will receive regular and timely feedback on their approach, which will drive continuous improvement and preparation for their future teaching career. 


Endorsement Areas

Find out which subject areas are available for endorsement through the program.

Endorsement Areas

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