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The most effective teachers teach from the heart - through this program, you can fill your classrooms with those individuals.


Invest in quality teachers for your school

Do you have an incredible school staff person who simply doesn't have the financial or time capability to pursue traditional teacher certification? The Professional Innovators in Teaching alternative certification and endorsement program supports passionate educators within your school to obtain proper credentials, immediately allowing you to fill high-need positions and prioritizing real-time instruction without taking teachers out of the classroom. 

Program requirements


Host schools must provide a candidate-assigned mentor, who has achieved a highly-effective rating as part of Michigan’s educator evaluation system.


Host school culture and climate must provide evidence of significant student achievement in classrooms of at-risk students, and possess commitment to leadership, effective feedback and dialogue. 


Host schools must have a strong culture of engagement connected to their mission and vision, which is demonstrated throughout the school by educators.


It is recommended that charter schools provide scholarships to cover the cost of tuition in addition to a competitive teaching salary.


Host schools must create individualized development plans for each candidate, aligned to data collected from observation and coaching as part of a comprehensive evaluation system.


Host school must run background check on each candidate placed within the district.

Program details

Candidates' first year in this teacher alternative certification and endorsement program will include a combination of facilitated learning through workshop training, real-time classroom instruction, and ongoing feedback from your cohort coach. After successful completion of their first year in the program, they will have the opportunity to participate in quarterly cohort network meetings. These meetings will provide a valuable network of their peers to support them in what we know to be the hardest time of their career as they become a seasoned and highly-effective teacher who loves their job.

Foundations in learning

Developing effective teaching approach

Understanding today's classroom

Student-focused intstruction

Program perks

Interim Teaching License

Program participants will immediately receive an Interim Teaching License upon acceptance, kicking off a year-long apprenticeship.

Constant coaching & support

Candidates are assigned a well-qualified cohort coach who sits external to the host school, offering support throughout the program.

Unique program structure

The unique three-year structure is created to provide ongoing support and connection to help reinvigorate the love of teaching in education.

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