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Charters are abundant 

Charter schools serve a vast and diverse population of students across the state of Michigan. Find charter schools near you here



Charters perform WELL

Charter schools are held to the same academic performance standards, and often demonstrate high performance on state tests.



Charters are necessary

In struggling communities, like Detroit and Flint, charter schools provide a safe, dependable and innovative education option for families.


There is a need for charters

Charter schools offer unique  learning environments, often which better serve families who are looking for a unique experience.



Charters are under attack

Charter schools often face negative and aggressive attacks that use common charter misconceptions to drive false messages.



Charters develop leaders

Charter schools offer advanced and unique learning opportunities that better prepare high school graduates for their next steps.


Charters are cost effective

Charter schools are actually funded LESS than traditional public schools, so they have dynamic and efficient strategies for managing finances.



Charters drive growth

Despite local opposition, charter schools in Detroit and other Michigan communities encourage education growth and improvement.


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Charters are "top" schools

For 25 years, charter schools have been challenging the traditional education model, and achieving high results for students.