MI Charter Schools

Michigan's charter schools are cultivating K-12 public education that innovates, inspires & supports modern students, educators & families. 

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COVID-19 Charter School FAQ's

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a rapidly evolving issue, and we are monitoring it closely. Check back here for relevant information & resources as they pertain to MI charter schools. 

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Get involved:  School Aid Budget

The Michigan School-Aid Budget allocates funding for public education bodies, including charter schools. This year's budget still leaves gaps for charter students. 

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Building Passion @ Renaissance PSA

At Renaissance PSA, students and educators share a collaborative learning journey called Project Based Learning (PBL), where kids are the co-creators of their school roadmap, and teachers serve as expert guides.

Our 2020 Spring Feature is supported by the National Charter Schools Institute.

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A picture of two students in class taking notes while the teacher shares a lesson via powerpoint.

MI charter school funding

MI charter students still receive less in per-pupil funding allocated by the MI School-Aid Budget than traditional district students.

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MAPSA, Michigan's Charter School Association, facilitates public support for MI charters, giving a voice to the movement.

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Charter news

Get the latest charter school success stories, best practices, data and happenings from the movement.

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Are you looking for school choices in your area? Consider a charter!
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2018-19 Annual Report

Find out how MAPSA (and the MI charter family) shaped impact last year.

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Charter schools are driving success, innovation and progress. Find out why.

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Tell your school story

You have a successful & unique program. Your staff is AMAZING. Are you talking about it?

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Build key relationships

Discover ow to forge bonds with local decision makers, including lawmakers, media & more.

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