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Michigan's charter schools are cultivating K-12 public education that innovates, inspires & supports modern students, educators & families. 

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Fall 2019 Feature:

Discover the passionate team at Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School who's pushing the boundaries of language access to support the needs of Southwest Detroit families. 

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Join the #PawnChallenge

Governor Whitmer has yet to restore a funding increase to the 150,000+ MI charter students who are missing out thanks to her veto. Here's your challenge:

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MI Charter Story: Detroit

Join us as we celebrate charter storytellers at Cesar Chavez Academy in Detroit and listen to their outstanding charter stories.

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MI charter school funding

MI charter students still receive less in per-pupil funding allocated by the MI School-Aid Budget than traditional district students.

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MAPSA, Michigan's Charter School Association, facilitates public support for MI charters, giving a voice to the movement.

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Charter news

Get the latest charter school success stories, best practices, data and happenings from the movement.

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Are you looking for school choices in your area? Consider a charter! 
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2018-19 Annual Report

Find out how MAPSA (and the MI charter family) shaped impact last year.

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Get the charter school facts

Charter schools are driving success, innovation and progress. Find out why.

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Tell your school story

You have a successful & unique program. Your staff is AMAZING. Are you talking about it?

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Build key relationships

Discover ow to forge bonds with local decision makers, including lawmakers, media & more.

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