The Power of MAPSA

A Unified Voice

MAPSA has excellent relationships in Lansing enabling us to accomplish great things through our advocacy efforts at the Capitol. From removing the barriers to innovation, to fighting for more classroom dollars, MAPSA has protected your interests.

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Building a Powerful Brand

Up until now, the charter story has been largely defined by the status quo. A status quo that is fearful of how education might change and the work it might take to get the outcomes kids deserve. To this end, at MAPSA, we will not stop until we get the results we are seeking. We will not stop until the charter brand is no longer associated with poor quality but rather as the innovation, opportunity and hope for the students you serve.

Parents & Students are Our Core

MAPSA supports parents and the right to choose the school that best fits their student’s needs, whether it is a charter school, private school or traditional public school. MAPSA works to connect parents and students to key resources to access the most appropriate learning environment for their child. We will continue to protect the rights of children and families for access to equitable funding for all students, no matter their income level or zip code. All children should be valued equitably especially when it comes to public education.

Charter School Teachers & Leaders

MAPSA has continued to provide support and resources to Michigan charter school educators in various forms. MAPSA’s academic resource, Innovators in Education, delivers knowledge through hands-on workshops, collaborative problem solving and the introduction of transformational and revolutionizing approaches to education.