Our Vision

MAPSA believes that every child in Michigan deserves a choice for a quality education. In the next five years, we will lead the effort to ensure access to quality education choices for all Michigan children by advocating for and supporting an environment that empowers creative thought, fosters innovation, and leads to the implementation of practices that deliver meaningful educational outcomes.  

We believe that charter schools provide the opportunity to change the trajectory of education in Michigan.  We see it as our vision to help that charter vision come to life.  It’s a vision that is half-lived now by the actions inside of each school.  We strive to see it all lived out in the next five years.


The Michigan Charter School Ideals:



Michigan charter schools provide an environment that empowers educators to make choices that impact student outcomes through innovative pedagogies, strategies and projects. 



Michigan charter schools provide freedom, resources and access that empowers the school, teachers and communities to deliver diverse and innovative opportunities to all students. 



Michigan charter schools offer parents, regardless of residence, race, wealth or heritage, diverse, high quality, equitably-funded educational options. 



Michigan charter schools treat each student as an individual, shaping their educational experience in a way that suits their learning style, supports holistic student success and embraces their uniqueness.



Michigan charter schools champion systems of evaluation that measure meaningful student and instructor growth, utilizing strategies that allow for innovation.



Michigan charter schools continually demonstrate high performance in key student success measures, anchored by a robust system of multiple authorizers that enables dynamic reform. 


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