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Charters in the Mitten

Charter schools are making a BIG impact across the state of Michigan - join us as we visit five unique cities to uncover their incredible stories of student success.

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Around the Mitten in 60 days


From the steps of the Lansing Capitol to the shores of the Soo Locks, charter schools are providing innovative and meaningful education opportunities. Join us all summer long as we take a roadtrip across the Great Lakes State through Ann Arbor, Flint, Sault Ste. Marie, Grand Rapids and Detroit, stopping along the way to see how charters have made impact in their communities.

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Featured cities: 

Ann Arbor

A suburban collection of high-performing charters

Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan, is recognized across the state as a hub for research, innovation and high-performing schools. It's charter schools also serve a high population of refugee and immigrant families from the Middle East, who are now shaping culture and performance in the city. 

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An urban city pioneering trauma-informed education

Flint may be known for it's devastating Water Crisis, but families in the city face many other economic barriers that create trauma and difficulty for students. Recognizing a clear need to support the emotional and physical needs of students, Flint charters are leading the state in trauma-informed education practices. 

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Grand Rapids

A bustling suburban community and academic powerhouse

Grand Rapids charter schools regularly rank at the top of statewide and national education rankings. Situated within the city, Grand Valley State University is home for many charter alumni who are advancing their education, and one has taken it upon herself to help students overcome barriers and realize their passions. 

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Sault Ste. Marie

A rural community rooted in Native American culture

Past the Mackinac Bridge and straight north, you'll find the beautiful and scenic city of Sault Ste. Marie. Partly situated on Native American reservation, the charter school community has rooted education and character development in the historic grandfather teachings of the native tribes. 

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An urban melting pot and birthplace of Michigan charters

The Motor City has long-since served as one of Michigan's most iconic melting pots of culture, business and growth. Still trying to recover from the recent education crisis, the city's charter schools have delivered on high-quality education at a time of need. Now, one of those students is headed to an international chess championship. 

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Impact Statements
Some of these students have witnessed the destruction of their home and family, while others just struggle to acclimate to American culture. This unique trauma comes with unique educational needs, and many traditional public school districts in Ann Arbor don’t have solutions for those needs, and as a result often turn those students away.
The attendance schedule pointed to a bigger issue,” said Haldy, “Flint students weren’t getting the proper immunizations, weren’t able to play sports without a physical, and didn’t have access to emotional and social medical support.”
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