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Professional Innovators in Teaching: Endorsement Areas


Technology Education 

  • TE Industrial and Technology Education

Grade Levels 

  • ZD Middle School
  • ZL Middle Level
  • ZG General Elementary K-5

World Language & Culture 

  • FA French
  • FB German
  • FC Greek
  • FD Latin
  • FF Spanish
  • FG Other
  • FH Italian
  • FJ Hebrew
  • FK Arabic (Modern Standard)
  • FL Japanese
  • FR Chinese (Mandarin)
  • FS American Sign Language

Bilingual Education 

  • YA Bilingual French
  • YB Bilingual German
  • YC Bilingual Greek 
  • YE Bilingual Russian
  • YF Bilingual Spanish
  • YH Bilingual Italian
  • YI Bilingual Polish
  • YJ Bilingual Hebrew
  • YK Bilingual Arabic
  • YL Bilingual Other**
  • YM Bilingual Vietnamese
  • YN Bilingual Korean 
  • YO Bilingual Serbo-Croatian/Bosnian
  • YP Bilingual Chaldean
  • YR Bilingual Chinese
  • YS Bilingual Filipino
  • YT Bilingual Japanese

Endorsement Areas

Language arts 

  • BX  Language Arts
  • BA English
  • BD Speech
  • BT  Reading 
  • NS English as a Second Language


  • EX Mathematics


  • DA Biology
  • DC Chemistry
  • DE Physics
  • DH Earth/Space Science
  • DI Integrated Science
  • DP Physical Science

Social Studies 

  • RX Social Studies
  • CA Economics 
  • CB Geography
  • CC History
  • CD Political Science CE Psychology


  • JQ Music Education
  • LQ Visual Arts Education

Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance 

  • MA Health
  • MB Physical Education

Business Education  

  • GQ Business, Management, Marketing & Technology

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