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Professional Innovators in Teaching

Discover your path to Michigan teacher certification and additional endorsement.


Advancing your teaching career starts today

Professional Innovators in Teaching is a state-approved Michigan alternative teacher certification program designed to inspire success through innovative real-time coaching and cohort-based instruction. Upon program acceptance, candidates receive an interim teaching certificate and are placed immediately as a classroom teacher. Host schools invest in the development and advancement of each candidate to provide continued support throughout the path to standard teacher certification.

 This isn't just another program - it's an opportunity

 We believe in giving you the tools you need to reach your goals, starting with this core foundation:

peer learning

and feedback to help work through real challenges and bring theory into practice

classroom time

with real-time coaching and practical guidance for moving YOU forward

personal plan

that emphasizes your specific goals and needs, with constant peer & coach feedback

expert coaching

including social- emotional support, cultural competency & student engagement

mindset of growth

Our program is built for individuals who are willing and excited to grow in their practice. For us, it's not about "bad teacher" to "good teacher" - it's about asking yourself who YOU want to be as an educator, and working within the program to reach those goals. You'll fit in if you're willing to try new things, challenge the norm, and fail (until you don't!).


Interested in the program?

Professional Innovators in Teaching is a state-approved, full-year apprenticeship model that leads to a standard teacher certification in Michigan. Through this program, candidates learn to teach by teaching in mission-focused public charter schools. Discover how to get started & more!

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