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Standard endorsement - how it works

Standard endorsements include all endorsement areas except for Special Education. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about the process of applying, getting admitted, and getting started, as well as some key details about our curriculum and learning models. This program is more than learning content. It's building skills, practicing peer mentoring, getting real-time feedback from experts and more - so that when you step into a classroom, you're not just a teacher - you're a rock star.


Apply today

The eligibility checklist is simple: if you hold a Bachelor's degree, a passion for educating children, and are seeking a program that offers an immersive, collaborative network of colleagues - apply today for free.


Admission & Orientation

Once you're accepted into the program, you'll get connected with our coaches, processes and digital program community. Our goal is to help you prepare for the upcoming MTTC and coursework.


Pass the MTTC

Prior to starting the teaching curriculum, all candidates must show evidence of passing the MI Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC). Need support? Our program offers unique coaching and resources to help you pass with flying colors.


Issuance of interim certification

Upon passing the MTTC and providing evidence of Adult and Child First Aid and CPR licensure, you'll be awarded your interim teaching license, which will kick off your teaching career.


Coaching & curriculum

Our program offers a residency-based model, where you'll spend your apprenticeship learning research-supported, leading curriculum, applying those concepts while teaching in the classroom, and getting real-time feedback from expert coaches and fellow program participants. Learn more.


Cohort network support

During your three year program, you’ll be required to complete coursework, have the opportunity to engage with peers, and have access to our exclusive digital learning network



Full certification! 

After completing all program requirements and meeting the requirement of a minimum of three years of effective teaching, you’ll be recommended for standard certification.

Standard Endorsement Pricing

Our program coordinators work with you one-on-one to determine your specific pricing and to talk through payment options. The program costs $7,500. Here's what that gets you:

  • Coursework and programming that meets the modern needs of educators
  • Consistent, ongoing coaching support throughout the program
  • A digital learning platform and administrative structure that ensures you are well-supported, connected to coaches, and immersed in a learning experience 
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Why choose alternative certification? 

We believe that great education is rooted in one thing: passion, and that many people can help us address the teacher shortage while also discovering a new career that gives back in the most important way - making a difference in a student's life.