Understanding K12 special education compliance & best practices

Understanding K12 special education compliance & best practices

Are you in compliance with the latest updates on special education issues in your charter school? In this recorded webinar, you'll hear from two of the MI Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) charter school chairs on:

  • How 'MARSE' rules affect your charter
  • Insight into Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) best practices
  • How the 3rd Grade Reading Law impacts special education students 
  • How to deliver "Family Matters" documents to parents with an initial IEP

Important grant opportunities

      • AltShift - Co-construct systems at all levels to benefit students.
      • MiBLISI - Michigan’s Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative
      • MSEMP - Michigan Special Education Mediation Program
      • CATAMARAN - Designed to support you in meeting IDEA obligations
      • START Project - Statewide Autism Resources and Training
      • MI2 - Michigan's Integrated Math Initiative
      • LIO - Low Incidence Outreach

Resources & helpful information

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