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Using your voice as an advocate for MI Charters starts here

Discover your Michigan election officials

Every day, our elected officials are making key decisions on everything from education funding to accountability, to autonomy for educators, and MORE. As they make those decisions, it's up to us - the charter educators, students, families, and advocates - to ensure that they know our stories and our value to Michigan communities. Discover your elected officials by entering your mailing address:

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Check out the charter facts/FAQs

Get prepared to talk to your elected officials by checking out our Michigan charter school facts & FAQs.

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Learn about Charter Schools Week

Charter Schools Week is our annual celebration and advocacy project, where we stand up for this incredible movement. 

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Discover our vision for K-12 education

Our vision for K-12 ed is driven by a passion to ensure every Michigan student has access to choices that empower success. 

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Learn more about the MI School Aid Budget

Discover key issues, how MI K-12 funding works, and more!
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