A photo of two African American female students from Trillium Academy.

Lawmakers are voting on public education spending

And charter school students are in the line of fire.

What is the 'charter fight?'

Why do some lawmakers argue against equitable funding? What are the facts?

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What is the Michigan School-Aid Budget?

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The Michigan School-Aid Budget allocates funding for public education bodies, including traditional public and charter schools. While both entities provide 100% free and public education options to families across the state, charters schools and traditional public schools are NOT funded equally.


  • On average, Michigan charter schools receive about $2,782 or 20% LESS per pupil than traditional public schools. 
  • The average charter school is 32% more cost effective than the average traditional public school located in the same city. 
  • The average charter school generates an average 36% higher return on investment per every dollar it spends than traditional public schools.


Despite the clear funding disparity, and the increased efficiency of charters, many legislators advocate AGAINST equitable funding from charters, as well as spread dangerous misinformation about to the public on key issues like academic performance, extracurricular activies, special education and charter teachers. 


Tell your lawmakers to fund charter students equitably

As the dedicated parents, teachers, school leaders and advocates who look out for those kids - now is the time to demand equitable funding for charters.
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