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Charter schools are driving success, innovation and progress. 

The charter school basics


The charter school political narrative

Did you know?

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There is a need for charters

Charter schools offer unique  learning environments, often which better serve families who are looking for a unique experience.

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Charters are cost-effective 

Charter schools are actually funded LESS than traditional public schools, so they have dynamic and efficient strategies for managing finances.

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Charters are abundant

Charter schools serve a vast and diverse population of students across the state of Michigan. Find charter schools near you here

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Charters perform WELL

Charter schools are held to the same academic performance standards, and often demonstrate high performance on state tests..

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Charters are under attack

Charter schools often face negative and aggressive attacks that use common charter misconceptions to drive false messages.

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Charters drive growth

Despite local opposition, charter schools in Detroit and other Michigan communities encourage education growth and improvement.

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