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Charter schools are driving success, innovation and progress. 

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A photo of a black male gym teacher covering his eyes with one hand and with the other randomly selecting students for a game, who are lined up against one gym wall.


MAPSA, MI's Charter School Association, advocates for and supports the charter students, educators, families & advocates statewide.

A photo of a black male educator kneeling down and listening to an elementary-aged black male student in a school hallway filled with lockers.


While COVID-19 meant some schools had to pause instruction, many charters embraced the challenge head on, creating amazing opportunities at a distance.

A photo of a white male teacher assisting a black middle school aged male student with an assignment.


The MI Charter School Teacher of the Year award identifies top MI charter teachers, who are redefining excellent instruction. Meet the 2021 finalists & winner!

A photo of a white, female school leader sitting down in a classroom reading a book to students.


The MI Charter Administrator of the Year award honors charter school leaders who exemplify the qualities of a great educator and leader. Meet the 2021 finalists and winner! 

A photo of five black high school charter students, who are sporting their school swag and smiling at the camera.


Charter schools offer unique, supportive environments for students, which better prepare them for the challenges of college & beyond. Meet five charter grads now!

A photo of an elementary-aged Hispanic male student, holding a yellow baby chick and smiling for the camera.


We believe that K-12 education must continue elevating to meet the needs of modern learners. We hope the education of tomorrow is accessible, accountable, innovative & successful.

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