Celebrate Choice

Michigan's charter schools prepare student to be confident individuals and inspire all aspects of their lives. They become creative problem solvers, celebrate their culture, cultivate their arts, and we couldn't be more proud. Take the time to a few incredible students whose education journeys have been defined by their school's unique specialty. Join us while we #CelebrateChoice through these 5 stories. 


8th graders Lucy Herlein lays across a stage reaching down to another student during a production at West Michigan Academy of Arts and Academies

Showtime, break a leg!

The stage hasn't always been the most comfortable place for Lucy Herlein, but through the arts integration program at West Michigan Academy of Arts and Academics, she's blossomed into an a confident actor with big dreams.

Celebrate Creativity →
Rising Stars Alumni Josh Kowalski stands with his arms crossed and smiling in front of the bakery store front used by Rising Star students.

A pathway to a brighter future

During his time a Rising Stars, a school focused on highlighting students' abilities instead of their disabilities, Josh learned the life and employment skills that helped him become a confident and independent individual.

Celebrate Inclusion →
A photo of Josephine Troxell, high school senior at Nah Tah Wahsh Public School Academy, standing in front of a Native American wooden sculpture on her school grounds.

When school becomes an extended family 

For many of our MI charters, "school" embodies so much more than academics. Places like Nah Tah Wahsh Public School Academy connect important cultural aspects of the community with learning, making school a true extension of "family."

Celebrate Culture →
An image cut into four featuring four African America students from Detroit Community Schools.

Preparing for careers like a BOSS

Sports careers expand well beyond professional athletes to include broadcasters, athletic directors, and stadium designers. Detroit Community Schools saw the sports culture within their school and created the BOSS program, empowering students to bring it to the forefront of their future.

Celebrate Inspiration →
A photo of Kingsbury Country Day School 8th grader Ruby Howe sitting in a chair in the library reading a book.

Finding resilience through environmental sciences

When looking for a school, Ruby's parents understood the importance of a school that created a well-rounded student. Kingsbury Country Day School does just that, with a little environmental twist. 
Celebrate Confidence →

Join us and #CelebrateChoice

Our schools are so special because they provide students with such unique opportunities to learn! Take some time to think about why you school is so great and share it with us on social media! 

A group of students sit in their classroom at Barack Obama Leadership Academy

Step 1: Take a photo that represents how your school empowers you

The goal is to show the greatest thing about your school! Whether it's a teacher, a class, or how it makes you feel, find a way to represent it! If a photo just isn't enough, take a quick selfie video and tell us why!

A white teacher stands holding a sign that reads welcome the Madison Academy's Spelling Bee

Step 2: Write your message

Now that you've got your visual, it's time to come up with the right words. In just a couple sentences, let us know why you feel empowered to celebrate your school choice. Is it the confidence it instills? The creativity you can express? The cultural involvement? Let's hear it! Write it out or record a video to post on social media. 

Three male African American students stand smiling at the camera. The furtherest right has his arm around the middle student's shoulders.

Step 3: Post & tag us!

Let's fill social media with our celebration of choice! Whether you're posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, make sure you use the hashtag #CelebrateChoice and #ChartersLead so we can follow along. Be sure to tag us as well! @MICharters on Facebook and Twitter and @charterschools on Instagram. Make sure you follow us, too! Just in case we decide to share your photo or video on our feeds. 

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