Resources made for you

At MAPSA, we know that we're stronger as a movement when we're all on our A-game. Our toolkits are designed to help provide extra support in areas like marketing and advocacy,  ultimately helping you raise the reputation and involvement of your school, even if you don't have the budget to hire added capacity. 

Download the toolkits now:

Charter Activism Toolkit                         
A toolkit to engage your lawmaker 

As we continue to advocate for charter schools, we need your help. Build relationships with your local lawmakers, get informed on the issues, and learn how to share your charter story. Proactive engagement with your lawmakers is absolutely invaluable.

School Facebook Toolkit                         A toolkit to enhance your word-of-mouth marketing

To this day, the most effective marketing strategy continues to be word-of-mouth communication - but now, parents, teachers and community members are doing it in digital spaces - especially on Facebook. Learn how to take transform your school's Facebook page and begin attracting prospective families.

Charter Branding Toolkit                         A toolkit to help you tell amazing school stories

Charter schools are living in a brand crisis, facing negative attacks from community members and the media. Learn how to combat this misinformation withh powerful stories about your school, as well as key facts about Michigan charters.