3 amazing fall crafts that bring BIG savings

Grace Noyola
Oct 17, 2018 9:49:54 AM

It's that time of year in the Mitten - leaves are changing, football season is well underway and the air is starting to crisp. Now that fall is underway, it's the perfect time to engage your students with budget-friendly fall crafts. 

The best part: with MAPSA's Staples Cooperative Provider Program, you can save even more on supplies for your classroom. We picked three of the most frequently purchased items through the program to demo some awesome fall crafts. Through our program, you could save a combined $50 off these low-budget materials, in addition to their regular mark down. 


DIY Dia De Los Muertos Dry Erase Mural 

What you'll need: Dry erase markers - in fun colors!

Estimated time: 10-30 minutes, depending on complexity

How to: Locate an inspiration photo, we went with this one, to help guide the rough outline of your mural. Pick out your colors- make sure they're vibrant! Draw away - don't worry if it's not perfect, or it's a little wild, that's the idea. Here's a great blog to share with the kiddos about Dia De Los Muertos.


Easy-Peasy TP Mummy 

What you'll need: Toilet paper (enough for all the kiddos) 

Estimated time: 2-5 minutes per kid

How to: Channel your inner mummy wrapper. Wrap your TP around and around, getting creative to create a variety of kid mummies. *IMPORTANT* Have students enact their best mummy impression scene, and photograph heavily. 

Untitled design-81

Crayon melt pumpkin galore

What you'll need: Pumpkins! (we suggest mini white for effect & savings), crayons (fall themed, psychedelic, whatever your preference), a hair dryer (or several) & a glue gun 

Estimated time: 1-2 minutes prep per pumpkin, 2-5 minutes to complete each pumpkin

How to: Prep your crayons - unwrap them from their paper. We recommend cracking them in half if using mini pumpkins. Use the glue gun to attach crayons around the top of the pumpkin in a circle near the stem. You can either prep these for the kiddos, or invite them to help if they're old enough. Then, use the hair dryer on medium heat to slowly melt the crayons artistically over the side of the pumpkin. Layer to your desire with different colors. Take cool photos, and display in the classroom!  

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