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Digital advertising

Discover our unique digital advertising opportunities, and connect with us to learn more.

Spring editorial campaign sponsor

Maximize your brand visibility by participating in our Spring 2020 digital editorial campaign. This highly visual project will earn you key visibility via email marketing, website traffic, and social media. 

#MiCharterGrad series sponsor 

Through this project, we elevate the stories of five outstanding Michigan charter grads, interviewing them and creating unique stories that we share via email and social media.

MI Charter Awards sponsor

Capitalize on our most highly-viewed digital project: the MI Charter Awards, driving key brand awareness for your organization as the MI Charter Teacher of the Year or MI Charter Admin of the Year sponsor.

School-Aid Budget sponsor

Market your organization alongside MAPSA's core advocacy issue of school funding, while capitalizing on our high open and click rates via our automated email marketing software.

Newsletter email ads

Earn high visibility and strong click rates with a digital banner ad in our monthly Charter Connect newsletter.

Blog website ads

Market your organization with an embedded advertisement in one of our editorial blogs, gaining traffic from both social media and email marketing.

Design services

Looking to move forward with an advertising package but need design support? Let MAPSA's experienced designers help bring your message to life! 

Spring editorial campaign

Cost: $2,500 (5 available)

Our Spring storytelling campaign will highlight 4-5 schools who are tackling the 2020-21 school year with uncommon spirit and perseverance. This highly visual campaign will include a high-quality photos of educators and students, and a strong editorial developed by talking to multiple school stakeholders. It will strongly mirror our Fall 2020 #thankMIteachers campaign.

  • Clickable banner ad on one of the story pages
  • “Meet the sponsor” button promotion on our homepage slider for 1 week 
  • Logo promotion along with other sponsors on campaign launch email, sent to over 16,500 people
  • Social media mention along with story promotion on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram 
  • Promotion alongside the story as a featured post in the MI Charter Mastermind Network (700+ educator members) 

#MiCharterGrad series sponsor

Cost: Premier $3,500 (1 available), Gold $1,000 (5 available)

School-Aid Budget sponsor

Cost: $1,000

Every year, MAPSA calls on our core base of charter advocates to help us close the equity gap for charter students. We utilize a refined email strategy to activate our supporters to send messages to lawmakers. As School-Aid Budget sponsor, you would receive prime visibility in an average 10 email communications, which are sent to over 30,000 charter teachers, parents, school leaders, board members and more. This package includes: 

- Up to 3 different email banner ads in an average 10 exclusive School-Aid Budget emails

Newsletter email ads

Cost: $1000 (12 available)

Market your organization, product or service with a digital advertisement at the bottom of our monthly Charter Connect newsletter. Increasing our email subscriber list by nearly 10,000 contacts during the 2019-20 FY, we have an active email audience of over 18,700 contacts, and our industry-high engagement has earned us the prestigious All Star Award from our automated email software. This package includes: 

- A clickable banner advertisement at the bottom of one monthly newsletter

Blog website ads

Cost: $500 (24 available)

Highlight your product or service with an embedded ad on one of our editorial blogs, which are published monthly. Each editorial article receives promotion on our social media channels throughout the month, and receives referral traffic from email marketing. Your blog website ad package includes: 

- One clickable banner advertisement embedded on an editorial blog, gaining direct and referral promotion for 30 days. Your ad will remain on the editorial site for the lifetime of the blog.

MASPA design services

Cost: $250

Ready to move forward with an advertising package, but don't have a design team on staff to make it happen? We are happy to offer in-house design on your MAPSA digital advertisements to help increase engagement with your message. The design service includes: 

- A consultation, via phone/email/face-to-face depending on your location and preference, to review your target audience, message and design goals 

- A high-resolutio design to be used in one of our digital advertising packages

- A copy of the design for you to use in future advertising endeavors

MI Charter Awards sponsor

Cost: $5,000 (2 available)

Every year, the MI Charter School Awards give us a platform to highlight outstanding educators in Michigan's charter schools. The top five teacher and administrator finalists are showcased on Facebook with powerful videos, which in 2020 earned over 18,000 combined views. As either the Teacher of the Year or Admin of the Year sponsor, you would gain visibility in those videos, as well as on MAPSA's website and in emails during the 2021 Awards process. Included in this package are:

- A link to your website on our website homepage alongside the 2021 teacher/admin finalists announcements and promotion
- Your clickable advertisement embedded on the teacher/admin finalist page when the 2021 finalist videos are released. (Your ad remains until the 2022 Awards cycle begins)
- Your logo embedded on all five of the teacher OR admin finalist videos promoted on Facebook
- Your clickable advertisement at the bottom of at least two 2021 Awards marketing/announcement emails

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