Charters rank as 12 highest-scoring open-enrollment high schools in Detroit on the SAT

Buddy Moorehouse
Sep 4, 2019 10:39:34 PM

According to data released last week by the Michigan Department of Education, the 12 highest-scoring open-enrollment high schools in Detroit on the SAT are all charter schools. 

The SAT is a college-entrance exam that reflects not only student preparedness for rigorous future academics, but also a school's ability to meet the evolving needs of high school learners in a given community. The scores for every school in Michigan were released last week, and further analysis demonstrated high-performance by Detroit charters. In 2018, charter schools emerged as the top ten open-enrollment high schools - this year, that number grew to twelve. 

Every charter school in Michigan is an open-enrollment school, meaning it’s open to any student who applies without restriction. If there are more students who apply than space allows, a blind lottery is held to determine enrollment. The only selective-admission or application public schools in Detroit are part of the Detroit Public Schools Community District.

The top 15 open-enrollment schools, with their average SAT score (charters in bold):

  1. Detroit Edison Public School Academy - 925.0
  2. Detroit Community Schools - 876.9
  3. Cesar Chavez Academy - 855.8
  4. Cornerstone Health and Technology High School - 840.9
  5. University Preparatory Academy - 839.7
  6. Voyageur Academy – 833.8
  7. Detroit Collegiate High School - 826.7
  8. Frontier International Academy - 826.3
  9. Jalen Rose Leadership Academy - 824.0
  10. Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies - 821.9
  11. WAY Academy - 820.6
  12. University Prep Science and Math - 818.3
  13. Martin Luther King Jr. High School (DPSCD) - 816.5 
  14. Western High School (DPSCD) - 815.0
  15. Oakland International Academy - 804.4

The top 10 Detroit high schools for SAT score, including all charters and DPSCD schools (charters in bold): 

  1. Renaissance High School (DPSCD selective enrollment) - 1035.8
  2. Cass Technical High School (DPSCD selective enrollment) – 1005.2
  3. Detroit Edison Public School Academy – 925.0
  4. Detroit Community Schools – 876.9
  5. Communication and Media Arts High School (DPSCD application school) – 863.1
  6. Cesar Chavez Academy - 855.8
  7. Cornerstone Health and Technology - 840.9
  8. University Preparatory Academy - 839.7
  9. Detroit School of Arts (DPSCD application school) – 838.7
  10. Voyageur Academy – 833.8

The average SAT score among all Detroit charter schools is 828.3, while the average score for all DPSCD schools is 800.5.

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